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March 02, 2005

Canadians are Patsies -- & -- UN Global Control Crowd at it Again -- Anti-Canadianism & More -- Updated

List of new posts: Updated

Frost Hits the Rhubarb

* Canada: Reaping What we Sow, Government Still Doesn't Understand Security - Rising Anti-Canadianism, Time for "O, Canada!", Hope-Syria & Lebanon

* Laurie Garrett of 'Newsday' Rips Greed in Exit Memo -- Media Cheerleading on Health News

* Gang Land, CFRB: Police to Israel, Deport 'em all, Bre-X: Felderhof insider trading trial, Terrorist vs Terrorist

* Cdn. Patsies: UNSCAM-Cdn. Connections, Dingwall-Via Rail-$133,000, Revoke Citizenship Terrorist Fateh Kamel, JC & Dictator, CRTC Head-PQ & PM Friend [Note that Louise Frechette and Reid Morden are among those mentioned in the UN article.]

* Canadian Patsies: Illegal Aliens - Refugee Crack Dealers, Founder-Marijuana Party Now a Liberal, Drug Trafficking Ring-Pearson International Airport

* Note This! UN -- Women's Rights -- or Wrongs? -- Appropriate Moral Authority? -- & Petition

The last item provides an example of how the global governance crowd through NGO's and the UN are able to bypass the electorate -- before busy citizens know what hit them. This item will be similar to what occurred with the Kyoto Accord, in that the global governance crowd are active again. Think about what Kyoto is about to bring to Canadians, particularly to business; you will pay. Think also of who has something to gain from Kyoto.

Think then, of the women who have the time for international conferences on women's "rights" and women's "health issues"--euphemisms for abortion, etc--and read this.

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